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Your product strategy is just the CEO's pet project

Your product strategy is just the CEO's pet project - Product Manager Memes

A product strategy is a plan for developing and marketing a company's products or services. In some cases, a CEO may have a personal interest in a particular product or idea, and may push for it to become part of the company's product strategy, even if it is not supported by market research or customer feedback. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the CEO having a personal connection to the product or idea, or believing that it will bring attention and recognition to the company.

However, implementing a product strategy based solely on the CEO's personal interests can be risky and potentially damaging to the company. Without the support of data and customer feedback, the product may not be successful, leading to wasted resources and potentially damaging the company's reputation. It's important for product managers to carefully evaluate all potential product strategies and ensure that they align with the company's goals and customer needs.

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