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Product Manager is trying to come up with a product vision

Product Manager is trying to come up with a product vision - Product Manager Memes

It's like trying to come up with the meaning of life - except instead of philosophers, it's just us Product Managers staring at a blank piece of paper.

We try to brainstorm, to envision the perfect product that will solve all of our customers' problems and make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. But usually, we just end up with a bunch of buzzwords and vague ideas that sound good in theory but make no sense in practice.

So we turn to our trusty magic 8-ball and ask, "What's the product vision?" And it responds, "Reply hazy, try again later." Thanks for nothing, magic 8-ball.

But we keep trying, because that's what Product Managers do. We keep dreaming, keep brainstorming, and keep asking ourselves the tough questions. And who knows, maybe one day we'll stumble upon the product vision that will change the world. Or, you know, at least make a decent amount of money.

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