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What product managers do with proposed improvement ideas

What product managers do with proposed improvement ideas - Product Manager Memes

product managers and their love for burying feature requests in the backyard. It's like having a secret graveyard for all the crazy ideas that never made it to production. They know that putting new feature requests in the backlog is a surefire way to create an endless to-do list that will haunt them for eternity. So instead, they opt for the more humane approach of burying them in a nice little box, complete with a tombstone that reads "Here lies the idea for a unicorn petting zoo feature". It's like they're creating a time capsule of all the wacky ideas they had, preserving them for future generations to discover and laugh at. Maybe one day, when the robots take over, they'll stumble upon the buried box and marvel at the sheer creativity of humanity. Or maybe, more likely, the product manager will dig it up in a moment of nostalgia and think, "What the hell were we thinking?". Either way, burying feature requests in the backyard is a time-honored tradition that every product manager should embrace.

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