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Product management: where your job is to say 'no' 99% of the time

Product management: where your job is to say 'no' 99% of the time - Product Manager Memes

Product management is a challenging job that requires the ability to prioritize tasks, manage resources, and make difficult decisions. One of the most important aspects of the job is knowing when to say "no," which can account for as much as 99% of the work. Saying "no" is never easy, but it's often necessary to maintain focus on the most important tasks and avoid distractions. As a product manager, you must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with team members, stakeholders, and customers to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Additionally, you need to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and make decisions based on incomplete or imperfect information. With these skills and abilities, you can become a successful product manager and make a meaningful impact on your organization.

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