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How Product Managers tell the CEO that their idea is stupid

How Product Managers tell the CEO that their idea is stupid - Product Manager Memes

Here's some general guidance on how a product manager might approach telling a CEO that their idea is not feasible or not in line with the company's goals.

One way a product manager might approach this situation is by presenting evidence and data to support their argument. For example, they might highlight market research or customer feedback that suggests the idea is not likely to be successful. They could also discuss any potential drawbacks or challenges with implementing the idea, and offer alternative solutions that align with the company's goals.

Ultimately, the product manager's role is to ensure that the company's products and services are successful, so it's important for them to be honest and transparent in their communication with the CEO. By presenting evidence and offering alternative solutions, the product manager can help the CEO understand why their idea may not be the best course of action for the company.

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