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How to spot a Product Manager? Tell me why

How to spot a Product Manager? Tell me why - Product Manager Memes

Tell Me Why Product Manager Meme

In the mystical realm of office folklore, there exists the legendary "Tell Me Why" Product Manager meme. Behold, the saga of the ever-curious PM, armed with a quiver of innocent inquiries and an unshakable enthusiasm that could rival a caffeinated squirrel. With a sparkle in their eyes, they approach the sacred altar of the Engineering Deity, chanting the incantation, "Can you tell me why we can't do this?" Yet lo and behold, the Engineering Oracle, draped in the sacred cloak of techno-jargon, responds with an epic saga of dependencies, complexities, and an intricate dance of ones and zeros that could baffle even a mathematician's cat.

As the PM's optimism dissipates faster than a forgotten sticky note, we witness the timeless clash of intentions versus technicalities, immortalized in a meme that tickles the ribs of every cross-functional adventurer who has dared tread the hallowed halls of corporate collaboration.

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