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the eternal question of why admin areas in any product are so ugly. It's like trying to explain why your uncle wears socks with sandals - you know it's wrong, but you just can't help it. Maybe it's because the designers are too busy creating beautiful user-facing interfaces that they forget about the poor admins who have to navigate through the mess. Or maybe it's because they secretly enjoy watching us squirm as we try to find that one tiny button hidden among a sea of gray boxes. Either way, it's like being stuck in a 90s time capsule where everything is clunky and unintuitive. It's like trying to use a rotary phone in the age of smartphones. So, if you're an admin, just accept your fate and prepare for a lifetime of eye-bleeding interfaces and endless clicking. And if you're a designer, please, for the love of all that is holy, spare us from any more ugly admin areas.

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